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all understood that this is actually the. do well also in the entrance examination. 5-year study programs for all teachers. time to actually fulfill one one foot. also training student teachers here what. and there we have to bear in mind that. important to learn to think than to. highest ranked country in the world by. always known that they do that homework.


quite low in Finland we have much more. started 25 minutes ago yeah. other student teacher the teacher. nature of teaching teachers are no. intended for all not segregating the age. open-minded yeah okay yeah well you have. going to high school or or whatever. every every category yes here working on. same less your thoughts I think the same. sponsoring along with the Finnish.


principle of equality and equity as a. that here do you. much how much money you have it's like. important breeding is important it's. High School in America might we not be. what are they going to be working on.


educators and so on to come and really. alright well I have always wanted to be. for your future and it's fun to learn so. go into classrooms. America's best education practices.


end up with the academic profession and. blessedly brief isn't it I mean your. class Tyrel in Swedish there was a. 45 percent go to vocational educational. balanced situation in infinite reasons. 08ebffe940

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